Made to Order Items

"Made to Order" items are those items which are only made (manufactured) after the order is placed.

The time it takes to produce and ship the item(s) depends on the number of previous orders ahead of the newer order (please refer to the time-frame listed in the availability of the item for the length of time needed for the order to ship).

Most orders are shipped in the order they are received. In other words they follow a certain order (first come, first served). However, in order to expedite the most number of orders as possible we sometimes process newer orders along side older orders when the items are similar (but not in every case). This allows us to be a little more efficient with our production and thus decreasing the overall waiting time.

Expected to Ship:
We suggest that the customer should be patient and expect to wait the full waiting period for their order to ship and not sooner (many customers comment after receiving their order that "the waiting was worth it").

Also, holidays and long holiday weekends can increase the waiting time due to no work being perform during those days, so please keep that in mind when you order.

International orders please add an additional 5 to 7 days to the waiting period for the order to ship.

Items Needed Faster:
We know that sometimes the items are needed by the customer sooner than current waiting time. To accommodate your needs we can expedite the processing of your order to 3 to 7 business days; Without affecting the waiting time of other orders. If you like would like to add this service to a previously placed order or add it to a new order click here

However, we charge a $9 fee for processing the order sooner. This fee covers part of the cost for the personnel that is needed to stay the extra time at the end of the normal working day to process the order and therefore this fee is non refundable.