56″ x 76″ Satin Throw Blanket #15PROY
56″ x 76″ Satin Throw Blanket #15PROY

Lama Kasso Throw #15PROY, Luxurious Deep Purple Satin Throw Covered in Tropical Butterflies and Bronze and Purple Flowers 56″ x 76″ Satin Throw Blanket

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Luxurious deep purple satin throw covered in tropical butterflies and bronze and purple flowers. 56" x 76" satin throw #15proy.

Lama Kasso throws are truly made in the USA; designed by renowned American designer, Bunker Hill Bradley in Las Vegas; each incredible throw is a work of art designed, printed and manufactured in Las Vegas.

Bunker has created wonderful unique artwork for each throw with colors that have to be seen to believe.
  • This is a Genuine Designer Satin and Suede Throw Blanket with the Look and Feel of Silk and the Softest Suede (without the worry that normally accompanies these Luxury Textiles).
  • Each Throw is Hand Crafted with Pattern Matched Corners and Sides giving you a Beautiful Look from any Angle.
  • Each Satin and Suede Throw is Manufactured to Order (so your Selection is always Fresh off the Press).
  • Clean with a Clean Damp Cloth or Gently Washed in Warm Water.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA.
Package Content and Sizes in Inches:
1 Throw Blanket: 76 x 56

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