Kusmal Orange-Oversized Soft Bath Sheets, Towel-Blanket Like with many Practical Uses by Le vele

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You will enjoy these super soft Terry Cotton Oversized Bath Sheet towels available in four colors. They feature engraved seashell and fish patterns with a matching color border at their base. Because of their size and softness they are the best choice for patio lounger-chairs or in your boat and at the beach.

They are also the best choice for those who love to linger in the bathroom. Men wrap them around their waist while they shave and groom and women comfortably wrap them around their bodies, in a sarong-style, while putting on make-up by Le Vele Home Textile.

  • Reinforced trim prevents fraying.
  • Non-allergenic and non-irritating.
  • Extra cozy, textured and weaved of natural organic Terry Cotton.
  • Packaged in elegant boxes can be a great gift idea.
  • Machine washable.
  • Imported.
Package Contents and
Aproximate Unit Sizes in:
- 1 Oversized Bath Sheet:80 x 92203.20 x 233.68
- 1 Decorated Plastic Box with Handle:NANA

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