Made to Order Product Guide

This helpful products information guide page will help you understand several aspects of these made to order items and how to select the options for these items that will best fit your needs.

If you are not quite sure what to expect from these items we definitely urge you to take a minute and review this guide.

Selecting Length:
For valances: the length you select will include the the height of the header. The length you choose will be the total length of the valance.

For curtains: the length you select will not include the height of the headers. The total length of the curtains will be the length you select plus the header height.

Lining Types:
There are three types of lining available for most window treatments: white lining, color matching lining and blackout lining.

For a less-formal, casual look an unlined curtain works fine as it looks less restrictive and allows plenty of light to penetrate through the fabric.

White or Same Color Lining:
For a denser (less transparent for more privacy), more formal and heavier weight curtain, please consider adding white or same color lining. Either of these lining choices will double the thickness of the curtains and will further reduce light penetration in comparison to non lined items.

Blackout Lining:
For full privacy or to block out all light and most sounds then blackout lining is a better choice. It is almost fully non-transparent.

It will also help reduce energy costs by providing better insulation. This will help keep the home warmer in the colder months and cooler in the warmer months.

Lined, Unlined Item Combinations:
We recommend that all color matching curtains that will be placed where they will be visible at the same time to either be lined or unlined but not in a combination of both. Reason being that although they are the same color the resulting appearance for lined and unlined curtains can be quite different.

We recommend requesting a fabric sample when a color needs to match exactly or when it needs to harmonize with an already established décor. Please read some of our stated examples further below regarding dyes and fabric and color shade variations.

Fabric Color:
Due to the complex nature of dyes and fabric, manufacturers can not always guarantee that the fabric produced in any giving color will match exactly any past or future batches. For this reason we suggest that all matching items of interest be placed in the same order to reduce the chances of having matching items in different shades of the same color.

Although color shade variations sometimes do happen and it is something that is out of our control, we do however, try to match previous orders but we cannot guarantee that we'll succeed (same color shade variations is not a defect).