Chalkasaurus Dinosaur Chalkboard
Chalkasaurus Dinosaur Chalkboard

Chalkasaurus Dinosaur Chalkboard

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No petite paleontologist's space is complete without spacious chalkboard dinosaur wall decals for endless writing, scribbling and starting over.
  • Simply peel and stick to add a pinch of playful prehistory to any wall.
  • Plan expeditions to local museums, list goals or sketch the latest caveman couture in bedrooms, playrooms or family common areas.
  • Your paint job is safe from extinction – this removable, reusable chalkboard wall sticker won't damage your walls.
  • Patented by U.S. Patent Office (No. 7,878,812)
Package Includes:
1 dinosaur (33" w x 33.5" h) and chalk
6 plant clusters ranging in size (8" w to 21.5" w)

Each peel-and-stick wall decal is removable and reusable.

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